Imagine walking into a brand new home that you designed and built just the way you want it.


Every detail is chosen by you. It might not seem like something you can afford, but chances are, you can. Reed Homes has been helping buyers like you discover the joy and benefits of owning a home that was built to order for you.


St Charles II 

St Charles II 

Everything around you is new.

This is your opportunity to live in a home that no one else has lived in before. Everything is clean and brand new. There’s no out-of-date carpeting to rip out, walls to repaint or oil stains on the garage floor.

Reed Homes are built for energy efficiency.

Each Reed Home offers products and features that contribute to sustainability and help conserve valuable resources. The price of a Reed Homes’ Home is comparable to the price of a resale home, and because Reed Homes’ homes are designed for energy efficiency, you’ll actually save money in the long run.

You can choose a floor plan that reflects the way you live today.

You’ll find features that fit your lifestyle, from Luxury Kitchens to Large Open Greatrooms. In a resale home, you may need to deal with expensive construction to get the ideal living space. You will have home-site inspections and a multi-step final walkthrough and while constructing the home you will receive milestone notifications. We’ll follow up with you six months after you move in. And if you ever need anything, we’re here to help.

The new materials and appliances in your home are built to last.

You’ll have brand new GE® appliances, quality flooring, energy-efficient insulation and double-pane, Low-e windows, as well as modern heating/cooling systems that are low-maintenance, easy to oper- ate, and come with a programmable thermostat. Additionally, new products often come with warran- ties you won’t find in an older home.

You can personalize your home with your tile, cabinets, and granite counter-tops that you picked.

Choose your design, details, and colors all at no charge. You can build it in from the start, the way you want it.